Programme of the Lithuanian fisheries sector 2007 - 2013

Lithuania‘s fisheries sector, which first received support pursuant to SPD priority measures, continues to receive support during the new financial period. Funds for the Lithuanian fisheries sector in the 2007-2013 period are paid out from the European Fishery Fund and Lithuania’s national budget according to the Action Programme of the Lithuanian Fisheries Sector for 2007-2013 (hereinafter Action Programme). The programme aims to promote development of the fisheries sector and enhance its competitiveness, to ensure economic, environmental and social sustainability, and to protect and recover living aquatic resources.

The Action Programme intends to implement measures pursuant to five priority axes: Measures for the Adaptation of the Fishing Fleet; Aquaculture, Fishing in Inland Waters, Processing and Marketing of Fisheries Products; Measures of Collective Interest; Sustainable Development of the Coastal Fishing Areas; Technical Assistance. Measures based on these axes will supplement the goals of “Rural Development and Fisheries" SPD priority measures and ensure more efficient administration of the Action Programme and distribution of financial support.

Financial support is aimed at: the creation of a competitive and profitable fishing fleet; the development of micro and small enterprises; the modernisation of fishery enterprises and improvement of their competitiveness; the improvement of working conditions in the fisheries sector; education and the adaptation of new technologies; improvement of the environment; ecological means of production; and other areas.

The amount of financial support allocated for the implementation of Action Programme measures is 246 million LTL. The European Fisheries Fund provides approximately 189 million LTL, and the remaining portion comes from the Lithuanian national budget. Financial support covers 75 to 100 percent of appropriate expenses.

Last updated: 03-05-2021